newark Middle School

Parent teacher student associATIOn

(FORMERLY Newark Junior High school PTSA )

Next Meeting: Wednesday January 17, 2024 @ 7pm - location: Newark Middle school Library 

If translation services are needed, we kindly request a 2 week notice to arrange for a translation option. 

Si se necesitan servicios de traducción, le solicitamos un aviso de 2 semanas para organizar una opción de traducción.

Check back here for the agenda, 10 days prior to the meeting. 

Key Accomplishments in 2021 - 2022

Key Accomplishments in 2019-2021

Supporting our Students Today and Inspiring Their Tomorrow

Do you have an idea you want to try in your classroom? Do you need special equipment for a new experiment or class project? Apply for a PTSA Mini Grant. NOTE: Maximum of $300 awarded per approved grant (higher amounts my be approved by the board)Please read through these procedures and considerations before starting your application.

The principal will be made aware of the request to ensure that appropriate administrative personnel are aware of your submission of the grant application.

● Project funds must be spent during the current school year.

● A final expense report will be required. (You will be required to provide receipts).

● PTSA reserves the right to publicize all grant projects and recipients.

● Funds must benefit the students.

● Proposals will not be funded for expansion and/or maintenance of previous grants.

● Each teacher may submit only one proposal; however, if a teacher is part of a department for one proposal, the teacher is not prohibited from submitting another proposal as part of a different team or on their own.

● If equipment is purchased, it will be at the Principal’s discretion if the equipment must remain the property of the Newark Middle School.

Click on the link above to fill out the mini grant form.  This form must be received 15 days prior to an upcoming PTSA meeting to be presented. Please contact the  with any questions. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.